Conversion-driven marketing automation

We create the best real-time experience by triggering the right content, through the right channels, at the right moment in the customer journey.

Let’s break it down

Create a real-time experience

Customers expect a natural, seamless and engaging communication flow. To make this experience come to life, we provide a set of rules that outline which actions need to be taken at a certain point in the customer journey.


Trigger the right content

No two customers are the same. They all have different needs and interests. Which means there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all. To create a personalised experience, it’s crucial to thoroughly map the right content to the right actions.

The right channels

Email is a key driver in marketing automation. Done right, it’s one of your most powerful channels. Combine it with adaptive website content — sms, direct marketing, chatbots, social media,… — and create a full multi-channel experience.

Right moment in the customer journey

Using data to determine the right moments and ideal touchpoints in the customer journey is good. Automating that data and linking it back to each individual contact to trigger the perfect moment in the customer journey is better.

Our aim: to automate highly personal communication flows based on clear insights gathered through inbound marketing and email marketing.
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