An e-commerce driven emailmarketing plan for Collect&Go in 5 steps

How to build an email strategy for webshops that goes way beyond weekly newsletters

Over the past year, Collect&Go saw the number of people shopping for groceries online on a daily basis grow faster than ever before. That's why the food retailer made its customers' needs the focal point throughout the entire customer journey. And what’s the strongest channel to keep e-shoppers engaged during the different stages of their customer journey? Right, email marketing. Our mission: To transform the existing weekly newsletters into segmented, response-generating e-commerce mails.

Step 1 - Brainstorming ideas

To start off, we mapped all existing automation flows, creative content ideas and data touchpoints in a customer journey workshop with Collect&Go. The insights are worth their weight in gold to align priorities and scalable ideas. Do we have a birthday campaign at hand? If so, how can we improve that? Which data should we bring together to lead new customers through a welcome program? What are the KPIs of a loyalty program and which content do we need? In short, this the fertile breeding ground for ideas to grow upon.


Step 2 - Prioritising ideas in a roadmap

In this phase we will fit the action points from our to-do list onto 2 axes:

  1. What is the expected impact? This shows how much the idea will affect our key KPI.
  2. What is the expected feasibility? Here we make an estimate of how much effort and resources an idea needs to be implemented.

The result: A clear overview of work points, sorted by priority. And the perfect foundation for a detailed CRM and email roadmap.


Step 3 - Structuring data

To develop an email strategy for e-commerce, you often have to work with a massive amount of data. How do you structure and cluster them to get your plan up and running asap? We did that by drawing out a customised email reporting framework: A combination of email dashboards, click analysis and monthly email reports.


Step 4 - Testing and upscaling ideas

Once the roadmap is completed and the whole is mapped via a reporting framework, it’s time to start the fun part. Time to innovate, personalise and automate the customer experience with engaging experiments and response-driven campaigns. We are running quite a few pilot projects for Collect&Go at the moment. The key message for each target group — new customers, active customers as well as loyal customers — is being translated into engaging email content.


Step 5 – Optimising emails (design, A/B testing, …)

The data for each stage of the customer journey allows us to try out many new things. And through structural and intensive testing, we can improve the customer experience and increase the response to emails continuously.


Weekly newsletters:

  • Open rate: +38%
  • Clickthrough rate: +44%

E-commerce CRM mails:

  • Open rate: +18%
  • Click rate: +16%
We took care of
Customer journey workshop, email reporting framework, On-Site support for the personalisation and segmentation set-up, On-Site support for the set-up of marketing automation flows
Email marketing