4 years of contextual marketing for Carglass®

How we guided Carglass® on a yearly growth trajectory towards a personal and automated communication path for customers and prospects.

Structure a fragmented database to bring the Carglass® email communication to the next level. By using workable CRM data, prove the long-term value of email marketing as a measurable factor in achieving ambitious business goals for Carglass®, both in the B2C and in the B2B segment.
A long-term plan requires a phased methodology with specific goals.
1. Switch to Hubspot as a marketing platform

With the email marketing tool used by Carglass® it was almost impossible to take the necessary steps towards data-driven communication. That's why we introduced Hubspot as a new platform that enables us to manage a complex database structure and lay out a solid foundation for marketing automation.

2. Optimised e-mails (design, A/B testing, ...)

In order to thoroughly redesign all email templates, we took an in-depth look at the existing Carglass® email communications. In addition, we brought a coherent email strategy into practice, coupled with a clear content plan. This enables the client to systematically address customers and prospects with relevant and interesting content.

3. Transactional data (data-driven/context)

By making service data available for 1-to-1 messaging, it is now possible to customise email communication according to the situation/context of each individual contact. Systematic A/B tests and targeted automation resulted in a significant improvement in both deliverability and response.

4. Lead scoring

By means of lead scoring, we proactively direct our contacts towards the info they need. As a result, they find all the answers to their questions quickly and efficiently, making it possible to book the matching Carglass® services without delay.

5. Reactivation flows

We automated several phases in the Carglass® customer journey, from automated emails with appointment alerts to reactivation emails for quotations that have not yet been addressed. Through a forceful combination of marketing automation and structural A/B testing we saw a measurable improvement in the results achieved.

6. Enrich the contact database

We upgraded the database of Carglass® contacts in two ways. Through (new) always-on content, we ensure that the database is replenished systematically throughout the year. In addition to that, our digital campaigns administer some solid growth moments throughout the year.

7. Carglass for companies

Based on insights drawn from a workshop with the Carglass® sales team, we determined four target groups for our B2B audience. As we now know their individual interests and needs, we can address every target group more persuasively, driven by our own content plan.

  • A constant, qualitative growth of the database.
  • For contacts who interacted with at least one email, we notice a higher engagement and also spend up to twice as much on Carglass® products and services on average.
  • Because of the numerous contact points throughout the customer journey, Carglass® remains topof mind with its target group(s).
We took care of
Strategy, implementation, production and campaign management, reporting & analysis
Marketing automation