An email makeover for Carglass

How can we make outdated emails more attractive for our target group?

Make old and visually uninspiring email templates appealing to a modern public. Increase the click rate and clarify whether the new emails contribute to a higher number of bookings.

We created a new template for all email campaigns.

Each message was translated to content that is fit for email communication: ensuring there is a balance between text and images, there are plenty of links to the website and the template is mobile friendly.

With the new template, the emails are pleasant and understandable to read: readers are triggered to go through the content, they immediately get the message and they recognize the benefits offered to them.



Open rate: +18%

Click rate: +298%

opt-out rate: -64%

Conversion rate: +7%

We took care of
Strategy, copywriting, design, html, production and campaign management, data management, reporting and analysis.
Email Marketing