Carglass is ready for spring… and more response

How Carglass wins opt-ins with a playful competition

Our primary goal was to collect additional opt-ins to broaden the reach of Carglass email marketing. As a secondary goal, this campaign should create a positive brand awareness and help build awareness with the Carglass target audience.

We drew out a campaign that fully matches the Carglass® values and fits in with the upcoming spring season. We started off with a competition where participants could win a Bosch handheld vacuum cleaner to tidy up their car for spring. This further developed into a customer flow being rolled out with a strategic social media plan.

Through sponsored Facebook and Instagram campaigns, users were encouraged to participate in the competition. The performance of these sponsored posts was monitored daily and adjusted whenever necessary. Images or videos that generated little traffic were replaced by new visuals. In addition, the budget was shifted between media and/or targets group, depending on the conversion rates.

Once the participants got to the landing page, they had to answer a multiple choice question and fill in a tie-breaker question. When entering their personal details, they could choose to give their opt-in. Signing up for the newsletter meant that they could take an extra guess at the tie-breaker question, which bettered their chances to win the handheld vacuum cleaner.



Number of unique participants: 6820

Number of opt-ins: 3052

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