Increasing Carglass's service thanks to the right emails

How can we make outdated emails more attractive for our target group?

Maintain and improve Carglass's high NPS-score by getting more customers to rate the service of the company. The e-mails that were previously used for this purpose were sent through a system that didn't allow to gather data on the results of the campaign.

We sent the NPS emails through a suitable email marketing tool, that enabled us to keep track of all relevent information (click rate, open rate, ...).

To set a benchmark, we continued to send out the old emails through the new system for a number of weeks.

We then started to test multiple scenarios with different variables: subject line, copy, images, design, ... After each test the best version survived, which ultimately led us to fully optimized emails.



Click rate: +21%

opt-out rate: -65%

Conversion rate: +11%

We took care of
Strategy, copywriting, design, html, production and campaign management, data management, reporting and analysis.
Email Marketing