Loyal customers

How can we motivate customers buying for the first time via Carrefour Drive to return and buy from us again?

Carrefour Drive can be used to do grocery shopping online which is then picked up at a collection point. Many customers try it out once but often do not try again. How can we motivate these customers to continue doing their shopping via Carrefour Drive?

RAAK developed a strategy focused on a 2nd, 3rd and 4th purchase. After the 4th purchase we noticed that customers remained loyal to the concept.

If a 2nd order failed to follow within 7 days of a first purchase, an automation flow began to convince the customer in several emails of the benefits of Carrefour Drive, along with some strong, personalised promotions.

If no order followed, the flow continued. If an order did follow, the flow commenced for a third purchase.

Using 3 personalised flows, the customer was guided from the first purchase through to the 4th to become a loyal customer.


Not yet known: the flow still needs to be fully analysed.

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