Reduce sugar consumption using marketing automation

How can we use marketing automation to encourage consumers to eat less sugar?

Send users some tips by e-mail to reduce their sugar consumption after completing Partena’s online sugar test.

Develop a marketing automation flow to follow on from Partena’s online sugar test. Having filled in a form, each participant is sent a sugar profile: ranging from healthy snacker to sweet sinner.

At the end of the test, those interested are invited to sign up to receive a phased plan. By doing so they are given guidance over several weeks with e-mails including tailored tips to improve their sugar consumption.

For this we proposed a bilingual template that we filled with tips tailored to 6 profiles, in the form of 7 e-mails for each profile: one per week.

We also created an additional workflow to convince those that were not keen to participate at the beginning.

  • Open rate: 60%
  • Click rate: 34%
  • Repeated the year after due to the good results. The approach changed from building awareness around sugar to building awareness of exercise: the Exercise reflex
We took care of
Design, html, production and campaign administration, automation flows, reporting and analysis.
Marketing Automation