RAAK and Pelckmans Publishers win over readers at the Book Fair

How to create a unique visitor experience with AI and interactive robots?

To expand the concept of the Book Guru with AI to further enhance the visitor experience.

To match even more readers with their ideal book, RAAK expanded the successful concept of the Book Guru with four BookBots in 2019. These circulating robots greeted readers and made an initial book suggestion for them in advance that suited their age category on the basis of facial recognition — age and gender, but also details such as earrings, glasses or a beard. They were then invited to come visit the Book Guru at the stand, discover their personal top-3 books there and have a chance to win one of the five 2000-euro gift vouchers from SleepWorld. This extra eyecatcher added a new, interactive dimension that appealed to visitors.

  • 3163 children and adults used the BookBots to get an initial book suggestion during the Book Fair.
  • The Book Guru composed a personal top-3 book list for 6202 readers.
  • 2051 readers gave their opt-in for the Pelckmans Publishers newsletter.
  • The evidence is in: love of the printed book and contemporary technology go hand in hand.
We took care of
Concept and launch, design of the robots and landing pages, interface design, e-mail marketing, reporting and analysis of the results.
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