A fun tool to achieve more opt-ins for Torfs

How are we using a contemporary, attractive competition campaign to generate more opt-ins?

Generate more opt-ins for the Torfs newsletter.

A contemporary and playful competition campaign: Using a swipe-en-match-tool Torfs not only helps you to achieve your perfect look, but also gives you the chance to win a €50 voucher.

Participants were invited to give their opinion on various outfits. If they approved they swiped to the left (mobile) or gave a thumbs up (desktop). Those that were less of a fan did the opposite and continued looking.

After a number of swipes, each player was presented with his or her own fashion match. With all the right accessories, naturally, and neatly linked to the Torfs webshop.

And how about that €50 voucher? Those wanting a chance to win the voucher were simply required to answer the competition question. tBut above all: signing up for the newsletter meant an extra go at guessing the tiebreaker. The perfect way for Torfs to gather new opt-ins.

  • Number of participants: 8269
  • Number of opt-ins: 4552
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