Getting Toyota Material Handling ready to take the lead

How we joined the hunt for qualified leads and helped the online sales channel grow.

Toyota Material Handling is looking for a structural way to boost the online sales of compact warehouse trucks and accessories. In addition, the company also wants to increase the inflow of quality leads to its sales team.

RAAK mapped the customer journey and shaped the data model through strategic workshops. We developed a strategic framework to guide the set-up of the new tool. We also integrated an e-commerce function, created a database structure based on interests (which allows for more personalised communication) and developed a lead scoring model.

We also helped streamline TMH’s content. Blog articles were thoroughly edited and provided with convincing CTA’s to generate more clickthrough. We also match blog and email communication better to make the communication flow smoother. Landing pages and emails are now formatted in consistent, optimised templates.

To increase the inflow of qualified leads, we developed targeted Facebook campaigns and dynamic web banners.

The first stage in the automation roadmap has also been deployed with a program of personalized follow-up mails.

  • Avg. open rate: >30% (industry benchmark 2020: 18%)
  • Avg. click-to-open rate: >10,5% (industry benchmark 2020: 9,9%)
  • Conversion rate (website visitor to contact): >16%
  • Opt-in rate: >50%
We took care of
Strategy, copywriting, design, html, production and campaign management, mediaplan, analysis, reporting.
Inbound Marketing