Data growth with a reusable campaign concept

How are we using a contemporary, attractive competition campaign to generate more opt-ins?

Generate more opt-ins for the Torfs newsletter

RAAK developed ‘Het Lekkerste Leeslijstje’ (The Best Ever Book List). An application on social media allowing participants to create their ideal book list.

The concept involves a number of steps during which users first enter demographic details, together with targeted questions on the kind of books they like reading, their personality and so on.

Each book in the WPG book catalogue is tagged with the relevant characteristics, allowing all those looking for a book to see a list that matches their profile.

Various editions of the Best Ever Book List have been compiled, suiting winter, summer, Book Fair… and regular activation with a competition mechanism also gives participants a chance to win their particular list.

The underlying data was used to boost personalisation and conduct targeted segmentation exercises.

  • 10,000 participants
  • 5,000 qualified opt-ins
We took care of
Copywriting, design, coding, launch, distribution of e-mails, analysis and reporting.
Inbound marketing