Highly engaging email marketing

We believe in the relational power of email marketing. When applied wisely, email helps you achieve a better brand experience, more conversion and stronger commitment.

A fresh and durable approach

Want to nurture and grow your prospects and clients? Email is your weapon of choice to track their interactions with your brand or product. Automated marketing flows will guide them further into the marketing funnel and extend their lifetime customer value.

At RAAK, we continuously sharpen our skills in strategy, design, copywriting and marketing technology. All aimed at creating higher value for your contacts. And ultimately: to get you the best possible email marketing results.

5 cornerstones of an email marketing strategy

  1. Objectives

    Define what the overall goal of your email marketing strategy is and break it down into smaller objectives.

  2. Data and personas

    Know exactly who you’re talking to and create a better user experience based on that knowledge.

  3. Content

    Select the content that fits the needs of the personas in your database and helps you reach your objectives.

  4. Messaging strategy

    Translate the content into a messaging strategy with the right timing and frequency. And make it blend in with your other channels.

  5. KPI and analytics

    Track the performance of your email marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

Our goals? Reaching yours.

After an intake meeting and an interactive workshop, we get down to business. By combining the input and the insights with our yearlong expertise, we draw out your email marketing plan. Next, we transform this strategy into an actionable email marketing setup.

It takes a smart email marketing plan to turn the rich data gathered through inbound marketing and marketing automation into killer campaigns. And that’s just what we do.
Need assistance? Team up with RAAK and improve your marketing performance with our services