Build stronger data with inbound marketing

How do you generate potential customers’ interest in your brand? Unlike traditional media, inbound marketing focuses on digging into the mind and behaviour of your contacts and learning who they really are.

RAAK believes in actionable data

Consumer data is the heart and soul of our strategy. We believe that data is the fuel that drives marketing programs, sales departments and bottom line: business. However, there’s a precaution.

Nowadays, it’s easy to link touchpoints back to a data source and build a massive set of data. Making data actionable however, is a totally different ball game.

Next step: building a customer database with actionable data.

3 types of actionable data that help us build solid customer profiles

Explicit data

Everything your contacts decide to share: first name, last name, address, email, demographics,…

Implicit data

Gathered by observing and understanding customer behaviour: content and timing preferences, media usage, interaction frequency.


Get the explicit consent of your contact to engage in a relationship with your company, product or brand.

Next step: building a customer database with actionable data

Inbound marketing is all about arousing consumers’ interest in your brand. Rather than attracting the largest possible crowd, the focus is on building a relevant relationship with a highly qualified target audience.

We help you get an insight in who your ideal customer is and what drives their behaviour. It’s your best starting point for a content strategy with formats that create a higher value and relevance for your contacts.

How do we attract visitors and turn engagement into data?

Always-on content

An approach that generates a steady stream of new contacts to your brand or product. The relevance and value of your contacts is increased by using specific content formats and continuous learning.

We select the best channels to publish that content and apply the right tactics to make sure people can easily find it: SEO, SEA, retargeting, chatbots,… or whatever it takes.

Digital campaigns

Unlike some die-hard inbound marketing aficionados, we firmly believe in marketing campaigns as a vital part of a successful marketing strategy. The learnings from your inbound marketing are the true lifeblood of strong and rewarding campaigns.

In other words, by defining the right customer profiles and understanding how content triggers their interest, we get your online campaigns better results.

Our aim: to help you build a database with profiles highly qualified to be nurtured and converted via marketing automation and email marketing.
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