Digital expertise brought to your doorstep

Life as a marketer can be challenging, right? Running campaigns, planning budgets, managing teams, attending meetings, … All this — and more! — leaves you with little time on your hands to master new technologies and explore digital innovations. That’s where RAAK On-Site jumps in. Our On-Site consultants help you unravel your marketing automation and inbound marketing projects. At your office, however and whenever you need us. We become a full-fledged part of your team.

Digital marketing

Temporary plug-and-play solutions for digital teams

Need an additional set of hands and brains during peak moments? Facing a short notice marketing campaign that requires specific digital skills? Looking for a pro to temporarily replace a colleague on maternity leave? Whatever the situation, whenever you’re in need of extra marketing horsepower, there’s RAAK On-Site.

Our services are instantly deployable at your office, which allows you to tap into our expertise from day one. Assign us any specific role or project — strategic as well as hands-on — and introduce additional support to your teams.

Looking to get these jobs done flawlessly? We can help.

  • Outlining project scopes and compilation of campaign briefings.
  • Set-up and roll-out of digital marketing campaigns: e-mails, social ads, SEM, display, …
  • Development of campaign landing pages.
  • Measuring and reporting of visitor results and conversion rates.
  • Drawing out editorial plans.

Digital projects

On-Site assistance in building and running high impact digital projects

Building digital projects together

Don’t take your first steps in marketing automation on your own. Whether you have a big or small digital team at hand, whether you’re in need of a hands-on expert or an in-house project lead: open up your door to the expertise and know-how of a RAAK On-Site professional. We can help you by drawing out a strategic roadmap during hands-on customer journey and content workshops. By evaluating the tools and content already at hand. By determining how you can bring all existing elements together in one actionable plan.

Use the strength of your existing infrastructure

Our physical presence allows us to work together closely: performing joint research sessions, evaluating existing databases, turning available technologies inside out and meeting with in-house experts and stakeholders. This unique approach enables us to use the strength of your existing infrastructure to make every project work.

Turbocharge your digital marketing in 12 weeks

We strongly believe in an in & out approach and a complete focus on agile interaction. How? By focusing on fast-paced digital campaigning and actionable insights. Our short-term goal: setting the foundations of your inbound and automation strategy in stone in 4 to 12 weeks. You will see an effective improvement in your marketing results and your team’s digital skills.

Why do companies team up with RAAK On-Site?

Whenever you’re in need of plug-and-play support for peak moments, digital projects or temporary shortage of manpower: RAAK is the way to go.

  • We are instantly deployable – no delays.
  • You reinforce your marketing teams with first-hand expertise and new skills.
  • We work together closely, fast-paced and efficiently: our agency becomes a full-fledged part of your team.
  • Our consultants manage multiple projects and sharpen their skills in the latest technologies continuously. They bring fresh insights and critical perspectives into your daily operations.
  • Together we will set the foundations of your inbound and automation strategy in stone.
  • You will see an effective improvement in your marketing results.
Team up with RAAK On-Site and improve your marketing results and digital skills.
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